Culture defines randomness.  She could but she won't.  She is wrapped up in causal references in a throwaway society, and i am writing throwaway words.  We are simply just passing through.  Relevance does not resonate...money on the other hand does.  You know what you have to do.  But god damn it you have to do it for free.

*            *            *

What we have done is bred a unit of pseudo independent beings.  The kind that experience massive guilt.  They are at the same time both incredibly selfish and insatiably generous.  My heart races at the thought of your touch.  You are a magic woman.  

I have been awake for some time now.  And sometimes music plays on the roof.  Gospel in my head.  A tickle in my throat.  Everyday we start again.  Start again.  Water from the well.  I wish.  Your daughter.  Well.

*            *            *

when you die

(E) when you die you won't come back for me
a black magic woman took the (F) time (D) straight from my (E) wrists
and (C) i will (D) never be the (E) same