With an absolute loss of place, the last resort is one of pleasure.  Enjoy the fruits of irresponsible man.  You owe it to yourself.

*            *            *

"No more dogs or husbands, they keep dying on me" she said with a raspy voice. She undoubtably adorned a nasty smoking habit and Chihuahua, and I imagined her searching the clearance at Pier 1 for that special something to make her febreezed filled home..."pretty".  I didn't get too close, and with outstretched arms and feet firmly planted I fumbled for the Sonny and Cher album and Creed tablature book on the shelf in front of her. 

I wonder.  I wander. The time has gone, we are not ourselves, and I am beginning to believe that people who piss in bottles have social anxiety.  I have a small collection myself, arranged in a deliberate gradation.  It is pretty.  And I am thinking of having a medium sized dinner party to show it off.  You are all invited.   But I must say that we fail for obvious reasons, always in a state of perpetual confusion. Today, however, is O.K.  You are O.K. This is O.K...until it isn't.  In a few moments a beautiful Dutch girl will come in with a smile and love, kiss me and stroke my beard, and be confused by the half eaten avocado sandwich in my pocket.  I think I hear her. Yes.  And she is wet from the rain.

*            *            *

I read the message and with a high chin sipped my coffee.  How are we supposed to go on like this?  Pretending that evil doesn't exist and happiness is found at the bottom of a flat white...we come back to this same simple question.  Curious indeed.  It is the unknown that peaks our interest, yet remains a source of deep frustration and fear.  It is the 22nd day of March 2016, and we have received news from Blackmore.  Starship Nicola will be performing at the Eden Festival.