Fish Tacos. Fish tacos will be the end of all civilisation as we know it.  A racist, a terrorist, a black man lying to his wife, a woman with a wig and adam's apple, and me with my god damn fish tacos.  

*            *            *

Advice. Do not over share personal information about yourself or others to a complete stranger.  I did not need to know that the young Chinese girl that was attending, and flunked, bible school while living with Jennifer and her husband and three kids had a distant alcoholic father.  Jennifer says she and her husband were in a group of thirty waiting to fly to Israel for 3 days, the trip was only $3000 and she was sitting alone talking to me, 29 other Israel goers nowhere in sight.  I remember thinking I needed to wash my face and cut our conversation short.

*            *            *

Please.  Do not be fooled into thinking that I only speak in metaphors.  A metaphorical man is a man with a belly full of fear, unable to claim a thought as his own.  Humour is often meant to soften the blow from an ill-delivered truth, but beneath the layers of spit and phlegm is a fertilised egg left for rot, and the smell of it disgusts me.  We are peering over a stained ceramic edge, watching as the water below turns a rusty brown.  We would lick our lips in delight but our tongues have been cut from our heads and are being used to sodomise our children.  The smell is warm and permeating.  Can you smell it?  Can you?!  We are disgusting greed driven, blind, dirty creatures.  I will forgo the use of metaphor and say that when we die, in those last waking moments, I pray we will know the value of life and in an instant be consumed by a lifetimes worth of guilt. 

*            *            *

It is the 19th day of May 2015.  Many years have passed and I am again leaving Glasgow.  I don't think i will return.  But i know thats not true.